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Damn Diabetes

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Welcome to my website, all things Diabetes. This site is for you; having gone through the journey of "oh no" to living with diabetes, I am learned a lot and I want to share my journey, my story, my experiences with you.

Writing for me is therapeutic; and I want it to be informative and helpful for you. There are lots of people who say "maybe," "could," "should" work, but very few say, "this works for me." I am going to pass on my personal experiences and give you a glimpse into my diabetic life.

Fortunately, I have a great doctor - he is a specialist in Peru - and more on that later, and I am living with Type 2 diabetes. Onward with the journey and if you wish, please subscribe to our newsletter. I will never share your information.

Introductions are in Order

My name is Wayne and with my wife Angelina, we live in Vancouver. We love to travel and about two years ago, I was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes. Borderline they called it. From there, my body quickly crossed the line to being diabetic. The magic number on the scale was 5.8 and then I quickly hit 6.7.

I am not required to take insulin and have figured out what I can and cannot eat. There are 3 things I have learned about eating with diabetes - now please remember, this works for me and it might not work for you. But that is where part of my fun came in, trying different things for food. But more on that later too.

Closing Message

That's it for today. Again, welcome to my website. And I am here for you. Any questions, drop me a line and please subscribe to our newsletter.

Best wishes from

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