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All about Food

Food and diabetes.  They go together like bread and butter.   The first words out of many mouths when people discover you have diabetes are statements such as, "no red meat."  "No Liquor." No this, no that, or the other things like potatoes, rice and bread." And "No Sweets."  Diabetes does not have to result in all of that.  

I have turned my diabetes from frustration, into a journey of discovery of what is possible to eat and enjoy.  I am not a rabbit and cannot live on vegetables alone.  Last night, I even had a piece of cheesecake. 


There is always something new to investigate and I continue to be amazed at what is possible to eat.  All about food will be the space where I take you along on my personal journey building a quality of live, living with diabetes.  

Please note - anything I say or do on this website or otherwise is not to be taken as medical, or any form of advice.  My goal is to provide information so that you can make your own choices on how you want to live with diabetes.  

Welcome and enjoy,

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My Story

Damn diabetes got me.  I was part of the 20%'rs of the population who had no idea that diabetes was lurking in my body.  Neither did I know the damage it could cause of not treated.  I grew up active in sports, worked in physically-demanding jobs and kept in pretty good shape - except for a few (well 10 kgs) of extra weight.  But, when you get to my age, you slow down, sit down and most of us grow round.  

A routine visit to my doctor and a throw-in to check for diabetes.  Guess what?  Glucose of 8.3 and A1C of 8.5 - Type II diabetes.   I am now on a journey to live a better quality of life, living with diabetes.  I have learned a lot over the past year and my goal is to help you on our journey to a better quality of life, living with diabetes.  I do not need instructions - I am too old for that.  I need information in bites that I can digest and I would bet we are in the same boat. 

Please travel along with me as I explore and research what is possible on my journey to a better quality of life, living with diabetes.  

Best wishes




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