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To Use Insulin or Not?

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Living a quality of life, living with diabetes is possible without using insulin.

What is best, what to do?

I read a headline the other day, “Signs Your Blood Sugar is Out of Control.” My question: Does one focus on why your blood sugar is out of control, or do you focus on what you will do about it?

For us at, we focus on what to do to keep your blood sugar under control. Focus on that in the first instance, leading to a better quality of life living with diabetes, and you will not have to worry about the rest.

The Goal

Every person with diabetes, I believe, has the same goal. To keep their blood sugar under control. With Type 2 Diabetes, there are only two ways to accomplish that goal.

  1. With Insulin, or

  2. With diet and exercise.

What We Promote @ Damndiabetes

At Damndiabetes, we promote, where medically appropriate, controlling Type 2 Diabetes with diet and exercise. Diet may sound like a dirty word, and for me, it was when I learned I had diabetes. There were many opinions on what I may eat, what I might eat, and not much about what I could not eat or how I discovered what I could eat.

With my doctor, I decided to reach the goal with diet and exercise. And there is no sugar-coating. It was damn difficult. I spent many frustrating days thinking I had nothing I could eat. And thanks to my thick-skinned wife, she helped me through it.

Where Am I Today?

I am a living, breathing example of living a better quality of life with Type 2 Diabetes, reaching my goal through diet and exercise. I have dropped 15 kg, and my A1C has dropped from 7.8 to 6.3 without insulin.

Looking back, it was not that difficult once I learned how to accomplish my goal.

How did I do It?

I reached my goal by realizing that not every day would be perfect and understanding that sugar was the culprit. Sugar also means carbohydrates. The first thing I did was cut out the carbohydrates.

No rice, no bread, no pasta. Add to that all the things I ate that were high in sugar. The frustration was “going cold turkey” and not knowing what I could eat. For a couple of months, I learned how to cook chicken and fish one hundred ways and the different ways to eat vegetables. That “diabetes diet” quickly became frustrating.

But there is a silver lining. I began an experiment on myself. I started researching and began my experiment with bread. How does one make bread without using wheat flour? Many concoctions brought many failures until I hit on bread made with sunflower flour.

The bread was my building block for so many other things. Salads with croutons, grilled cheese, egg sandwiches and toast with jam. It is amazing what one can build on top of a simple slice of bread.

That simple success opened a whole world of good, and I am now on a path to living a better quality of life living with diabetes. There are hundreds of food options, and I have one rule; “keep it simple.” I am not a fancy cook, but I love to cook, and by making most of my food, I know what is going into it.

You can do it too. And if we can help, give us a shout at Damndiabetes. We are here to help.

Best wishes from all of us .....

Notice: At, we are not doctors or registered dieticians. We are people with lots of practical and time-tested ideas and information. Before taking our advice, please discuss any proposed diet or exercise regime changes with your doctor or healthcare provider.

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