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Resetting a Diabetes Diet

The big reset – You went off track with your diabetes diet and it has not lowered your blood sugar. What to do?

Time for a Diabetes Diet Reset.


Ok, most of us with Type II diabetes “fall off the wagon” once in a while. For me, it is eating cherry ice cream, or munching down on too much bread.

We cannot be perfect all the time as the temptations are sometimes just too great. The question: “what to do?”

At, we have the answer for you. A “diet reset” helps get your glucose readings down where they should be and tastes good too.

What is a Diet Reset?

A diet reset is simply replacing the bad food a diabetes diet, with food that is good for your diet. Remember as a kid your mom would say “George, eat your vegetables, they are good for you.” The same is true today, some foods are good for people with Type II Diabetes and other foods are not.’

Take the wrong foods and as diabetics, we all know what happens. Our blood sugar readings can spike through the roof. This can be downright dangerous, and the goal of a diet reset is to remove any lingering impacts from “falling off the wagon.”

Where to Start?

The obvious place to start is with breakfast.Have a good breakfast with food that will bring down your blood sugar readings and your day will be off to a great start.

This is just one example of a great meal to start off your day.

· 3-Egg Omelet with tomatoes and bacon

· Arugula salad and apple cider vinegar dressing and baked beans

A meal high in protein and low in cards. Just what the doctor ordered to reset your diabetes diet and lower your blood sugar readings. Note, this is just one simple example of a combination of foods that can help you achieve your personal goals.

A reset does not have to be difficult. There are many options to allow you to enjoy great food at any meal.

Breakfast is Done

Breakfast is done and now time for lunch. What to eat?

I just finished my lunch, a splendid spread of cooked vegetables and for the main course, Peppers stuffed with hamburger and a little cheese. Fifteen minutes in the oven gave me a lunch that fit the goal of lowering my blood sugar levels with a diabetes diet reset.

It is not all about food

A diet reset should include a review of how well you are doing with the exercise component of your diabetes treatment. It is amazing what a low level of exercise can do to your blood glucose levels and should not be left out.

Here comes Dinner

What about a great steak for dinner? One of those large Tomahawk steaks with vegetables and a salad? It is difficult sitting at the table with people enjoying their potatoes and I know I cannot touch the stuff.


Missing out on your favourite foods is hard to take. No one has to convince me that the issues are real and it takes real commitment to stick to a diabetes diet reset plan.

It is your choice; one road takes you to serious medical conditions, leading to a shortened life, and missing your teeth and toes. The other road takes you to a place where you can enjoy a better quality of life living with diabetes.

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