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Is lowering blood sugar easy?

Some suggest that lowering blood sugar is easy.

Do not believe it. Nothing about managing diabetes and lowering blood sugar is easy. It takes work, commitment, and knowledge. It is not insurmountable. With a little work and some help from us at Damndiabetes, you can have a better quality of life living with diabetes.

About two years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. That was followed by a frustrating time trying to understand medications, diet and how to lose weight.

After throwing out all the suggestions of “what may help, could help or should help,” I got down to discovering for myself.

What I discovered was that it was carbohydrates made my glucose spike. That was following the obvious that sugar had the same effect, too.

How to get sugar out of my diet? No sweetened drinks, no sweet desserts, and anything else that contained sugar.

How to get carbohydrates out of my diet? No bread, which made me almost cry, and eliminating any foods that provided carbohydrates, for example, rice, potatoes and pasta.

The first question was, “What was left for me to eat?” Meats that provided protein and vegetables. My starting point was chicken, salad and grilled vegetables. Then came the introduction of fish and lean red meats and the elimination of any processed meats.

From there, it was trial and error to sort out what I could or could not eat. It also led me to make my own salad dressings, yogurt, hummus, and carbohydrate-free bread.

The solutions for living with Type 2 diabetes are not “easy.” Let’s not fool ourselves. Working to have a better quality of life living with Type 2 diabetes takes commitment and work. I am a living, breathing example of that, and we are always available at Damndiabetes to help.

Contact us to help you. Best wishes from all of us at:

Wayne Drury was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes more than two years ago. He quickly discovered there was scant diabetes information providing a roadmap to a better quality of life living with diabetes.

Damndiabetes is a boutique firm in Vancouver. They live and breathe the consequences of treating diabetes daily. If you wish help with your diabetes management, are frustrated and have nowhere to turn, call on Damndiabetes and experience advice built upon personal experience.

Disclaimer of Medical Advice: Statements and opinions expressed on this Website do not constitute medical advice or recommendations. It would be best not to rely on any

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