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Diabetes Monitoring, Measuring, & Management

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Whether in life, business or dealing with Type 2 diabetes, monitoring, measuring, and management are the three principles that will provide for effective decision-making.

With Type 2 diabetes, without the three “M’s”, you and your healthcare team will only be

“shooting in the dark.” In this article from, we provide some insights.

Type 2 Diabetes Monitoring

Making the decision to monitor your diabetes treatments has three considerations:

Do nothing and let your diabetes run wild. I know a couple of people who just do not want to take any time to monitor, and they are facing serious health consequences.

Monitor by using the finger prick method. This works from a “global” perspective providing the essential information and allowing you and your healthcare team to appreciate the basics of what is happening. There is more reliance on the 3-month A1C to know if your treatment is working.

Monitor by using a Constant Glucose Meter, such as the Abbott FreeStyle Libre 2, which takes glucose readings each minute and allows you to keep track of your blood glucose levels by computer. This is the most advanced method for monitoring but does not remove any requirement to ensure your healthcare team is intimately involved in any diabetes treatment decisions.

Monitoring is critical to allow you to appreciate what is happening in your body. At DamnDiabetes, we encourage and support, at a minimum, using the finger prick method with the involvement of your healthcare team to help you set your blood glucose limits.

Type 2 Diabetes Measuring

To have effective monitoring or to know what you are monitoring for, it is essential to set points for measuring your blood glucose levels. What should your target range and goal for an average blood glucose level be? This is a discussion you should have with your healthcare team.

There are generalities that most people talk about. However, each person has circumstances that should be considered and confirmed by you and your team. Set the target ranges and goal for an average glucose level and begin your monitoring.

Type 2 Diabetes Management

If you do not monitor and measure, you cannot effectively manage your diabetes. Why should anyone want to manage their diabetes? Because without effective management, the health consequences are significant, up to and including blindness and death.

I know one fellow who went several years being the “tough guy” and not practicing the 3M’s. He has severe kidney damage and heart disease and has lost six toes. Another fellow kept telling his wife he was going to the doctor regularly, which he was not, and must take insulin injections now and has lost most of the sight in one eye.

These are just two examples of probably many that do not have to be with effective monitoring, measuring, and management of diabetes treatment.


If you want help with monitoring, measuring and management of your diabetes treatment to achieve a better quality of life living with diabetes, call Wayne today at 604 788 7261 or by email at and experience our service delivery based upon the principles of providing E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust.

Vancouver, Canada

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Wayne Drury was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes more than one year. He quickly discovered there was scant diabetes information providing a roadmap to a better quality of life living with diabetes.

With his passion for learning, helping, and providing Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust (E-A-T) to the diabetes community, DamnDiabetes began. A boutique firm in Vancouver, they live and breathe the consequences of treating diabetes daily. If you wish help with your diabetes management, are frustrated and have nowhere to turn, call on DamnDiabetes and experience their EAT today. We are always happy to help.

Passion for diabetes knowledge is our centrepiece; EAT is what we deliver.

Disclaimer of Medical Advice: Statements and opinions expressed on this Website do not constitute medical advice or recommendations. You should not rely on any information in such posts or comments to replace consultations with qualified healthcare professionals.

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