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Welcome to our new Website,

I have Type II Diabetes. Like about 20% of the population, I did not know, and discovering that I had diabetes was somewhat of an accident.

As a throw-in to other testing, my Dr. said, “let’s test your glucose level.”

He nailed it. Glucose was at 8.3, and A1C was 8.1 – all indicating Type II Diabetes.

I quickly asked if I had to take Insulin shots. Having a good chat with my doctor, he said “No” to Insulin and that I had two choices.

1. Continue living the way I was, doing what I have always done, and I will get what I have

always done. Challenges with my health, overweight, and he said it – “an early grave.”


2. Begin the journey to having a better quality of life living with diabetes – and no early



I jumped in with both feet to change what I had always been doing to begin my journey to a better quality of life with diabetes.

My family and friends have watched me on this journey. They have watched me become frustrated as sometimes I felt like I was turning into a rabbit. Everywhere one looks, information, instructions, and pictures lead to a plant-based diet. I have never eaten so many vegetables– that was my first mistake.

A person cannot live on protein alone, so always hungry, I decided to take a bite out of some of my delicious homemade bread. Watching my wife breaking bread almost made me cry. I ate half a slice of whole-grain bread, and my glucose hardly spiked.

From there, I have learned a lot about living with diabetes, and if you want help, I want to help you on your journey to a better quality of life living with diabetes.


Everything I do continues to be an experiment. I experiment with different foods, different amounts of food, and different ways to cook it. It is all part of the journey to a better quality of life.

I sometimes get tired of it, but if I cannot do this for myself, I will not be good for anyone else. And that includes you. My goal is to help you help yourself. I cannot and will not tell you what to do. You probably have enough people doing that already. I will tell you what I have found out, and maybe you will get some ideas of what you can do to have a better quality of life living with diabetes.

If I can help in any way, send me an Email. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, and please visit our website to subscribe to our news. It is free, and you will have first access to all the information we put out. There will be lots to make your life the quality you deserve, and I am sure you want it to be living with diabetes.

Wayne Drury is CEO of Sustainable Circular Economy, a boutique firm in Vancouver, Canada, that helps businesses and First Nation communities to arrive at environmental solutions that are good for the people and the planet and are sustainable based upon a circular economy lens of reuse, repurpose, and recycle. He also has Type II Diabetes and wishes to impart all he has learned to the millions that are living with diabetes too. His goal is to help everyone to have a better life.

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